SEX- It should be amazing all the time

Updated: Aug 25, 2020




Slow it down

Notice me

Make me feel

Don't make me see

Give me magic

Excite my soul

Flowing together

Is our role

Be mindful

and anticipate

This excites me

What a blissful state


This quick hook up culture is ruining sex. Sex should feel like your on a magic carpet ride with finale fireworks all around you. It should be intense. It should flow like water. Slow down and really appreciate the art of it. Look into your partners soul. With your partner blend your auras and share your energy. Read each others minds to amplify every moment.

The world moves so fast, so we naturally try and keep up with the rhythm of the world. Really take the time to appreciate the small things with your partner. "Smash and dash" needs to be replaced with "slow down and enjoy"

**Things to try**

Don't schedule sex. Once you do that, it becomes a chore instead of fun. Even if you work 40 hour work weeks. Randomly just drop it in there(pun intended).


Try new things. Don't be afraid to try something new. Have the conversation with your partner. They just might surprise you. Get out of the bedroom and try a new place.


Try toys. Its 2020 not 1865. There are so many sex toys you and your partner can use to spice things up.

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