SOUL- Listen to your inner voice

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


Your soul has a voice

Your soul has a voice and it speaks from the heart. It communicates through feeling. It knows what you need. Trust your gut, and strong feelings of intuition in your everyday life. I found that listening to my soul, opened up so many doors for me. There where so many choices and lanes I looked past because I didn't listen to what my soul wanted in the past

Really trust that gut feeling when making choices in life. That is your soul calling out to you. Don't ignore it. Treat it like a compass that will always steer you in the right direction.

**Key things to remember**

Ask yourself will this benefit me in any way?

How will I feel after this choice?

Do I love this?

Will this make my life better or worse?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself the hard questions and really see how you feel about things.

Moral of the story is follow your dreams and your passion. Stop torturing your soul. Listen to that inner voice from your heart and not your head. You wouldn't want someone to stifle your voice. Would you? Check out our other blogs on the home page and subscribe to never miss a post.

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