They don’t see you wake up at 5am to catch your bus to go to work, even though you just got off a double from the night before. They don’t see you fight traffic to get to work. They don’t see you praying for your babysitter to hurry up, so you’re not late for work. They don’t see you trying to be happy and smile even though you have heavy shit going on at home. They don’t see you contemplating leaving the country because you’re over the drama in your country. They weren’t there for your tears in the bathroom when you just wanted to give up. You are tired and exhausted. You put others before you even when you shouldn’t. You work because you have to. You work because someone has to. Yet you still dream of that vacation or that easy work week. You love and you love hard. Your human to. You are the real heroes. TO ALL MY GROCERY STORE WORKERS, TRUCK DRIVERS, HEALTHCAREWORKERS, SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE WORKERS, UBER/LIFT drivers. WE SEE YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU! MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE THANK YOU!

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