Benefits Of Sleep On The Mind And Body.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


The benefits of sleep to keep us healthy is ubiquitous. Sleep lets our body and mind repair, restore, and re-energize. You experience some side effects due to improper sleep like weakened immunity, poor memory, focus, and mood swings.

There’s a big question about the total hours of sleep in a day to keep us healthy and function well. However, researchers suggest 9-11 hours of sleep a day for children, whereas 6-8 hours for adults. If you experience the lack of proper sleeping hours according to your age, please reassess your schedules. Many issues may affect your total sleeping hours. Some people work more than one job. Others have large families to take care of. The key is to find the balance. NO excuses!

A goodnight of sleep sets the tone for rest of the day. If you can embrace a good nights sleep, then rest of the day flows well. Sleeping lubricates your mind and body, allowing for clear focus and affords you the ability to make sound decisions. Benefits of Sleep for your overall health should be taken into account in our daily life.

Sleep can heal your body and mind?

Sleep is the best healer. It is the most important key to sound health. The benefits of sleep can’t be compared to anything else. You need rest. Period!
Sleep plays a vital role in improving the reproduction of cells that are conducive to brain repair. Sleep helps sharpen our memory and boost our problem solving and decision-making skills.

Sleep plays important roles with the heart, skin, skeletal system, and overall body.

Due to a lack of proper sleep, the reproduction of the body's natural Cristol is altered. When these stress hormones rise in the blood, it makes the heart work harder to keep the body alert. Secondly, Sleep helps to produce new collagen, which makes the skin look more better, wrinkle-free, and smooth. Sleep also maintains the strength of our bones, ligaments, and tendons that protect our skeletal system.

Top benefits of a goodnights sleep

  1. more productive day

  2. more positive mood

  3. stronger bones

  4. stronger/healthy looking skin

  5. maintaining a healthy weight

  6. low stress levels

  7. healthy heart

  8. clear and focused mind

** Key point**

Humans spend one-third of their life sleeping. There’s no alternative to sleeping. A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP leads to a healthy and happy life. Are you well rested. Enjoy some good sleep.

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