Fasting- Key To Body And Brain Health.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


What is fasting?

Fasting is now very popular among people for its health benefits. Typically, fasting was practiced for religious purposes to refrain oneself from consuming both food and drink. Some people fast for spiritual enlightenment. More recently, people fast for weight loss benefits.

Now more than ever, the health benefits of fasting are apparent, and fasting is the key to help keep us healthy and fit. Fasting is practiced by people from all over. Anyone can fast. It doesn't matter if your a soccer mom or a muscle head. You can be vegan or pescatarian. It doesn't matter. What matters is a balanced diet and determination.

Typical Fasting Window times

-16hr fast with 8hr food window**for beginners**

-20hr fast with 4hr food window**advanced**

(the key is to also remain in a calorie deficit while in your food window)


-make sure to drink plenty of water

-get plenty of rest

-exercise at least 3x a week

-drink green tea or black coffee to curve cravings

Fasting benefits on the body and brain?(The science part)

Our body begins to mobilize glycogen from the liver and the muscles when we fast. When our glycogen stores are exhausted, our metabolism shifts. Then, we start to mobilize fat and use it to create ketones, one kind of energy that powers the brain differently, by functioning more efficiently. The principal ketone, beta-HBA, is a super-fuel that produces (ATP). Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy is produced more efficiently than glucose. Besides, beta-HBA improves antioxidant function, increases the number of mitochondria, stimulates the growth of new brain cells, and protects neuronal cells from toxins.
One of the most effective benefits of fasting is the stimulation of BDNF, a protein that plays a vital role in stimulating the improvement of new brain cells and the functions of existing neurons. BDNF is known as the brain's “growth hormone”, and stimulating its production is simply one of the best things you can do for your body and your brain.

Have a quick look at the fasting benefits in the bullet points below.

  • Increase the production of beta-HBA for the brain and body.

  • increase in energy

  • healthier-looking skin

  • thicker longer hair

  • A decrease in inflammation.

  • Accelerated weight loss.

  • Accelerate the production of BNDF.

  • Stimulate mitochondrial replication

  • over time become fuller faster


Researchers suggest fasting for 12-16 hours helps the body to burn its fat to energy, which releases ketones into the bloodstream. This should accelerate weight loss. This sort of intermittent fasting concept may be a good option for the beginner.

Feel free to let us know when you start a fasting plan in the comments below.

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