Hands Free: We can't control it all


"Hands Free"

Hands up

Hands free

Let it go

Let it be

Hands up

Hands free

You have life blinders on

You can't see

So calm you'll be

And calm you'll wait

Hands free

Leave shit up to fate


I use to be a control freak. I constantly tried to make sure everything went my way. The more I tried to control everything, the more fucked up things got. It wasn't until I stepped back and let the universe work its magic, that everything clicked. I started to notice people coming into my life to help with certain things. I stumbled upon jobs that I wasn't even looking for. It was almost like the universe had a different map to my life. Moral of the story, let go and let GOD (or whoever you pray too).

We can't control it all. Sometimes we have to step back and watch life unfold.

**Questions to ask yourself**

Why am I trying to control everything?

Am I present and living in the moment?

Is trying to control everything causing me anxiety?

Is there someone I can reach out to help me?

What past trauma am I not dealing with that causes me to try and control everything?

Take some time and try to answer these questions honestly to yourself. Its ok to have check in moments with your spirit.

1.) Check in with yourself


3.) Repeat as many times as you need to.

By becoming more aware of your tendencies to control everything, you can nip them in the bud ahead of time. It takes practice but you can do it.

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