HOPPER ESHU's TOP 3 Motivators: Words Have Power

"Sometimes you have to hear real shit from other people."- Randy Hopper

Words truly have power. Be mindful of the words you speak and the words you listen to. At Hopper Eshu, we believe everyone has a voice and can use their words to uplift, inspire, and encourage others to be their best selves. Below are a few of the people who do just that for the sites creator Randy. Check out what they have to say below. See if it ignites something in you!


"I'm a talented motherfucker!" -Jennifer Lewis

She will always tell like it is and give you the real deal.


"I don't value anybody's opinion about me more than I have about my own self." -Gary V

He doesn't hold back at all!


"Maybe you can change your life in 5 seconds." -Prince Ea

He will always give you something to think about!


What do you think of the words from these exceptional souls. Let us know in the comments below. Who are some of your motivators? How do you motivate yourself? Check out our other blogs on the home page and subscribe to never miss a post.

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