Pay It Forward- Put Some Good Out In The World

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


Paying it forward are random acts of kindness that we put out in the world. The idea is to do something kind for someone and they in turn have to do the same for someone else. This creates a ripple affect of goodness out in the world.

How should you pay it forward?

As human beings, we are making the planet what it is through our actions and inactions. We have plenty of opportunities to help make society a better place for others and ourselves by grabbing the opportunity and acting on it. Committing a random act of kindness is one way of paying it forward. You don't have to waste plenty of money and time to make someone's day today and every day. Don't neglect the power of small good deeds. It may save one's life in the long run. There are countless activities you can do to pay it forward and be creative in every sphere of your life.

  • Donate blood- You may just save a life.

  • pay for the person in line behind you at drive through window

  • Leave a little change on the shelves at the store.

  • Put an extra quarter in a parking meter that expires soon.

  • Tip your waiter generously

  • Compliment a stranger unexpectedly.

  • Share your car/bike with office goers.

  • On a rainy day share your umbrella.

  • Order food for someone you know is needy, sick.

  • Call or text a friend you haven't seen recently.

  • Leave a coupon at the grocery store or relevant place for others.

  • Give a glass of water or can of soda to someone working outside on a hot day.

  • Visit the hospital or nursing homes.

  • Tell some jokes to the people who love it.

  • Listen to someone.

  • Leave inspiring notes/drawings at the library or at the grocery store.

  • Motivate and inspire someone.( WINK WINK)

Paying it forward can be a part of your life, and you can make it a habit. Go put some good out in the world.

Have you ever done a good deed for someone? Has someone ever done a good deed for you? Feel free to share your stories in the comment below.

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