The Art of Letting GO- free yourself from past pain and trauma


Letting go is truly an art. It takes practice and a sense of awareness. A lot of times we don't let stuff go if we are not even aware of the problem. People hold on to broken relationships, past traumas, past pain, and negative emotions.

We get so comfortable in our distress that it becomes the "norm". We don't actively try to detach from them because we don't deal with them. How can we let something go that we won't acknowledge is a huge issue?

Dealing with past pain, whether it be child hood trauma or some form of a toxic relationship is uncomfortable. We learn to let go by stepping into that discomfort. We become so use to the pain and hurt that we rather sit in that than our own discomfort. The discomfort is the beginning stage of healing. You have to feel that in order to learn to let go.

We have to care about our bodies and our mental health more than we want to hold on to the past. We need to learn to love ourselves enough to not tolerate anything that disrupts our peace.

**Activity ALERT**

Close your eyes and imagine your problems are like a feather in your hand. This means acknowledging past pain and hurt. What gets you down? What won't you tolerate anymore? Put all the stuff that blocks your happiness into the feather. Picture them weightless.

Now declare...

"I am not my past hurt."

"My past trauma doesn't have control over me!"

"I am present and grounded in this moment!"

"I am free!"

Now picture the wind blowing that feather away. This is you letting go.

**Key Notes**

Letting go is truly an art. It takes practice. First be aware of what is causing you hurt and negativity in your life, past or present. Acknowledge the problem, deal with the issue, and then let it go. Check out our other blogs and subscribe to never miss a post.

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