The Burning Building: Never doubt yourself

Imagine being stuck in a burning building. The burning building represents all the negative and bad things going on in your life. The burning building is the "I cant's" that play in your head. The building is all the doubts and fears holding you back from being great. It is all the past hurt and trauma blocking your blessings and stopping you from living your best life.

Do you sit in the fire and watch the building burn around you until it ultimately takes your life? Do you wait for the fire department to come save you without even trying to find a way out? Or do you instinctually snap into fight or flight and run out the building saving yourself from destruction, despair, and ultimately a shitty death.

You run. You don't stick around. You don't freeze up. You take a breath and you save your life. Remove yourself from the situation.

Life will always throw us curve balls. Its up to us to knock them out the park. Don't accept where you are in life. Don't accept any problems that currently plague your life. No matter how bad something looks, there is always a solution out of it. Any time your in something you feel stuck in, treat it like the burning building and get out. You don't pause or hesitate. You don't doubt if you can or can't , you remove yourself from the flames.

"You save yourself or you remain unsaved" -Alice Sebold